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Tax-Free Retirement

Life is FULL of risk. Your retirement plans shouldn’t be! If you don’t have a plan in place, the time to begin strategizing for your golden years is NOW.

College Planning

Even after they are all grown up, they're still your "Million Dollar Baby" - set them up for financial success, not just for college but for the rest of their lives because all want what’s best for our children’s futures – for many families, that makes planning for college costs a top priority. However, quality higher education is coming at a premium these days, and all of the projections indicate that the trend will certainly continue in the coming years.




Mortgage Protection

One of the most vital services we offer at The Arand Agency is helping our clients establish mortgage protection plans for their homes.

Estate Planning

We have the expertise to assist and guide your family in creating a legacy that will last a lifetime.  Whether your estate is just you and your home or you own very successful business/high net worth we have access to programs that will assist you.

Income Protection

We work with each of our clients to ensure that their family is properly provided for in the case of an interruption in income – whether that is due to an unexpected death or an illness such a heart attack, stroke, or cancer diagnosis.  With our help, our clients can rest assured that no matter what happens, the bills will be paid and the family will be taken care of.

Business Preservation

When’s the last time you had a business valuation? Do you have a plan in place should a partner get sick? How about a Key-Employee? Have you looked into benefits for employees? What about “selfish” benefits for you? Lot’s of important information to think about. We’re here to help!

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